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Courses Included with Purchase

Ultimate Beginner Acoustic Guitar Masterclass
Go from knowing nothing about the guitar to playing your first songs in just weeks
Henry Olsen
Ultimate Beginner Rock Guitar Masterclass
Learn bullet proof, step-by-step, proven method that will teach you to play rock guitar the simple way!
Henry Olsen
Ultimate Blues Masterclass - Beginner To Advanced
Henry Olsen
Beginner blues vol.1
Go from knowing nothing about the guitar to playing blues in an hour!
Henry Olsen
Beginner blues guitar vol.2
Take your blues playing to the next level!
Henry Olsen
Learn to play 10 songs using just 3 chords
Start playing easy songs the simple way
Henry Olsen
Learn 12 MUST KNOW strumming patterns
Become a strumming maschine in less than an hour!!!
Henry Olsen
Learn 10 legendary chord progressions
Learn epic chord progressions by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, The Animals, Pink Floyd etc...
Henry Olsen
Learn to play by ear
Learn how to play your favourite songs by ear
Henry Olsen
Guitar Technique Fundamentals
Learn bullet proof, step-by-step, proven method that will teach you to play faster, cleaner and with maximum efficiency.
Henry Olsen
Master the guitar fretboard in 6 easy steps
Flow through the fretboard with ease...
Henry Olsen
12 MUST KNOW beginner rock riffs
Learn all you need to know in order to play AWESOME rock riffs!
Henry Olsen
Start playing solo guitar the simple way
Learn to play solo guitar and start improvising - INSTANTLY!
Henry Olsen
Learn 10 classic CCR chord progressions
Start playing classic CCR chord progressions and watch your friends faces light up!
Henry Olsen
Learn to sing and play at the same time
Learn to SING and PLAY at the same time!
Henry Olsen
Learn all about guitars and gear
Learn all about different guitars and the gear that you can buy to enjoy them even more!
Henry Olsen
Members ONLY Facebook Group
Get support and make new friends!
Henry Olsen
Lesson of the week
I make a new weekly lesson based on what YOU want to learn - Sweet and simple!
Henry Olsen
Start playing the ukulele
Learn to play the ukulele!!!
Henry Olsen
Drumtrack Library
Henry Olsen
Riff And Lick Library
Learn fun and short licks and riffs! TABS included!!!
Henry Olsen
Backing Track Library
High Quality Backing Tracks In Every Key
Henry Olsen
Learn 5 EASY Christmas Chord Progressions
Henry Olsen

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If you are looking for an unbelievable deal on guitar lessons, get the All-ACCESS-MEMBERSHIP at the most unbelievable price!

Because I am so passionate about helping my students achieve their dreams of playing the guitar, I have gone the extra mile to give an EXCLUSIVE, SUPER DISCOUNTED BUNDLE DEAL at a amazingly cheap price.

Courses included in membership

Ultimate Acoustic Guitar Masterclass learn all the basics of playing the acoustic guitar. Then learn beginner chords, how to make smooth chord transitions, simple songs, different strumming patterns and MUCH MORE. WARNING!!! You will have a lot of FUN too ;-)

Ultimate Beginner Rock Guitar Masterclass learn beginner riffs, licks, powerchords, how to read tabs, master the guitar fret-board and MUCH MORE!!!

Learn To Play Your Favourite Songs By Ear is a step-by-step guide that will teach you to play your favourite songs by ear in just a few easy steps

Guitar Technique Fundamentals is a step-by-step guitar that will teach you to play faster, smoother and with much higher efficiency. Learn alternate picking, economy picking, hybrid picking & lots of effective and useful exercises.

10 CCR Progressions learn to play 10 ccr songs and watch your friends and family´s faces light up when you play.

12 Strumming Patterns used in top hit songs -These strumming patterns work for millions of songs so you’ll have no issue playing along to almost any popular song.

10 Legendary Chord Progressions to help you play awesome chord progressions from popular billboard artistes like The Beatles, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Rolling Stone and more.

Beginners Blues Guitar for those who like soft, soulful blues and are looking to be the soul of the party.

Beginners Blues Guitar VOL.2 teaches you in much more depth about the blues. You will learn really cool turnarounds and understand what key your in.

Beginner’s Rock Guitar- Rock like a pro and play like a rock star. This course teaches you the Top 12 Rock Riffs used by professional and popular rock bands using ‘power chords’ and chord progressions. You will also learn how the amplifier and electric guitar works.

Solo Guitar Playing Mastery to help you go with the flow and improvise for any song – You will be playing easy like the pros in no time!

Master the Guitar Fretboard and learn how the neck of the guitar works in 6 easy steps! You will achieve total fretboard freedom with this course, play millions of songs and even play your own tunes!

Learn how to Play 10 Songs with Just 3 Chords within minutes. This is a great course for the beginner.

Learn to play and sing will teach you to play and sing at the same time. Get ready to be the star at the next party!

Beginner Ukulele will get you started on the ukulele within just one hour. It´s sooo much fun to play, you don´t want to miss it!!!

Guitar Talk learn all about different guitar styles and gear that goes along with them.

Drumtrack Library get full access to awesome drumtracks. Why drumtracks? Drumtracks are a great way for you to improve your timing, they're fun to play with and it's a great alternative to playing with a metronome.

Lick & Riff Library This library is always growing and includes all the lick and riff lessons I teach on YouTube but WITH TABS (not on youtube) and in some cases drum tracks.

Almost all courses come with a downloadable PDF file to help you hone your practice anytime, anywhere and play-along videos with embedded quick sheets of the chord progressions.

Enjoy Easy Learning With Help From The Play-along Feature

Enjoy In-video Chord "Quick-sheet" To Enhance Learning Experience

Downloadable PDF Support In Many Lessons

Gain A Better Understanding For The Guitar

Enjoy Fast Instructor Support

You will take a quantum leap by getting feedback from a teacher

You will finally get out of that playing RUT and feel excited again

You’ll move from “imitation” to “knowledge and realization”

You will enjoy a fresh feeling of discovery

You’ll learn new songs that will get your listeners attention

Your playing will get people to tap their feet

Your technique will feel EASY as if it is “gliding” you right through the songs

Your satisfaction will increase as the “light of knowledge” shines within you

You’ll be investing in your most valuable resource – YOURSELF!

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Before… the Mega Offer was priced at $1455, but, my passion to grow budding talent and impacting lives is much more important to me…which is why I have made the Monthly Membership available for just -

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INSTANT ACCESS to 30 hours of step-by-step training



ALL FOR JUST $14/month!!!

Or $147,- for the whole year (save $21)

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See what real students just like YOU are saying!!!

"All-Access Membership" is for beginners who are passionate about wanting to learn to play the guitar. Henry does a wonderful job keeping you engaged throughout his courses and the personal support is great! He teaches you all the skills you need to develop the core fundamentals needed for playing and taking your guitar skills to an expert level.

- Ashley, Father of two and upcoming rockstar!

"Henry is awesome!. I love his teaching methods. I would highly recommend this course and all of the other courses he teaches."

- Walter, Father and passionate guitarist

This course is amazing! I have had a tough time finding a course that covers playing guitar starting from scratch, help navigate the fretboard, start playing easy licks, improvise and then play entire solos. This course has it all in a super easy learning format. The jam tracks are of great help too. 2 thumbs up!

- Glenn, Father & upcoming guitar superstar!

"I'm here for you!"

Henry Olsen
Henry Olsen

Henry is a guitarist passionate about his craft but there is something more important to him – impacting his students’ lives and helping them build their passions and their dreams.

In his words, he describes his joy “Teaching guitar is more than sharing experience for me. I feel like I´m really refining my skills as a teacher, but more than that, there is no greater joy then seeing my students’ faces light up after playing something that they thought was never possible for them”.

Who is Henry Olsen???

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have all access to the courses for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. If you want to cancel subscription, you can anytime!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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